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Maintain your pro scooters

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Scooter season is here. If you notice your scooter a bit loose, check your scooter that needs tightening, like the clamps, wheel axles, brakes or compression. Use the proper tool for your pro scooters. Allen key is what you can use to tighten those loose scooter parts. Give your scooter a quick inspection and tighten any loose parts. Make sure your pro scooter is all tuned-up for the season.

Replace your grip when they are torn or worn. This is an important part of your scooter since they help absorb your tricks and jumps. Using proper grips can definitely contribute to the safety of your scooter. Check every part of your scooter to make sure all parts are working properly before use. Check your wheels and bearings, it may need lubrication. Check of cracks on decks and clamps it might need replacement. Pro Scooter needs proper maintenance to prolong its use. Scooters are pretty expensive but it can definitely last long with its high quality pro scooter parts and with proper maintenance.

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