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Fasen Decks

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The Fasen Deck is finally out and we’ve got our hands on it to make sure that you get the best input on it as possible. This bad boy is 4.4” wide and just over 20” long with 13 ½” of foot space. It’s got an extremely light weight at only 2 pounds, 12 ounces.

Head Tube

The head tube has quite the tight fit, but once you’ve got the tube in correctly, it’ll hold quite well. Once you’ve got the head tube in properly, you’ll find that it spins quite well. There’s absolutely no head tube flex, even when we put the deck under the pressure of some intense tricks.

The Deck
There are two thick rails that run the length of the deck. You’ll notice as you pull this thing out of the box that the deck is a little bit thicker, but with the insanely lightweight, you’ll appreciate how much of a beating this pro scooter can take.


The Fasen Deck comes with a thicker model of the Envy break. While riders have been complaining that these brakes tend to…uh…break, the Fasen seems to have a bit of a thicker unit, which is going to serve you a lot better than the hated Ethic brakes. It’s not the top of the line, but we think it’s going to hold up quite well for the stopping power that you need.

Foot Space

We know that the foot space is a little less than some of the other models, but at 13 ½”, it seems to fit the preference of several riders. Even if you have size 14 feet, you’ll never know whether or not the deck is going to be right for you until you try it out.

The Welds

We love the build of the Fasen Deck just like most of other Fasen scooter parts. The thick welds are quite smooth, and it’s clear that time and effort were both put into building this deck.


For the price range that the Fasen Deck is available, we think you’re getting a lot out of a deck, especially if you’re trying to step your tricks a little bit further. Additionally, with 5 different styles to choose from, we don’t think you’ll have any problems getting the look that you’re going for.

All in all, the Fasen Deck is a prime purchase, and we highly recommend trying it out if you’ve ever been a little weary of trying out Fasen

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