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Chicago Street Jam 2016

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Chicago Street Jam 2016 | Pro Scooters

The street enthusiast movement has been on a steady increase over the course of the last several years. As younger and younger scooter riders slowly, but surely begin to better understand the culture and lifestyle that comes hand in hand with the sport of freestyle scooter riding, they begin to become more drawn to street style riding, as well as street style events and contests. The Chicago Street Jam, which takes place annually in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois, just recently took place in the month of July, and the event just so happened to be a huge success. Every single year, the annual freestyle scooter events and competitions that take place across the United States, and even around the world at large, seem to grow bigger and better in terms of the turn out of scooter riders who participate in them, as well as their overall success rates. There has never really been a year where an event has decreased in terms of quality or in the quantity of riders, which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, but being able to witness the tremendous growth that the scooter community has experienced in recent years has been simply remarkable. The 2016 Chicago Street Jam is living proof of the growth that has taken place within the sport of freestyle scooter riding, and the 2016 Chicago Street Jam video is essentially the ultimate showcasing of the sport’s natural progression.

The video starts out by showcasing the journey that was taken in order to eventually reach Chicago, Illinois, and then the mayhem truly begins as some of the sport of freestyle scooter riding’s biggest and brightest stars shred the bowl at a nearby skate park. From there, the real anarchy begins to take place as the massive group of scooter riders who showed up to participate in the event start to migrate to the first official spot of the day, which is a pretty sweet handrail that essentially gets torn to shreds by the many insane tricks that were performed on it. After some of smaller, more technical street spots were destroyed; the group began to work their way over to some of the much larger obstacles, which is what everyone had been waiting for anyways. The last several spots consisted of a fairly large handrail, a block set, and a massive double set that no body had any business even attempting to ride in the first place. Overall, there were a huge variety of crazy scooter tricks that went down in the jam, and no one hesitated to shred any of the spots. On top of that, the energy of the crowd was simply incredible, so the 2016 Chicago Street Jam video is certainly not something that you are going to want to miss. Be sure to check out the full video and enjoy the pure anarchy. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooters for any and all other future industry news and content.



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