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Hunter Bechtle for AO

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The natural progression of freestyle scooter riding over the course of the last several years has been substantial, but the effects of this immense growth have definitely had their negative aspects, as well. The huge division between skate park style scooter riders and street style scooter riders has grown at a remarkable rate, which in turn, creates a massive void in our beloved sport. However, the few scooter riders out there who have fearlessly crossed the infamous division line between the two groups have helped ease the tensions the presently exist. Hunter Bechtle is one of those individuals, who has slowly, over the course of the last several years, transitioned from the more skate park oriented side of freestyle scooter riding to the street oriented side. His uncanny ability to apply his skate park skills to street style obstacles is a large part of what makes him stand out as the scooter rider that he is today. As you will see from his most recent video release, entitled: “Hunter Bechtle For AO”, Hunter is a very brave young man, who is willing to put his body through whatever it takes to roll away from the trick. This video part is the ultimate showcasing of his freestyle scooter riding abilities, and Hunter is an excellent example of a scooter rider who has transcended the labels that have been placed upon him by the scooter community at large.

First and foremost, the production value of this video is absolutely incredible. Not an ounce of time and energy was spared in order to make this video part truly great. This video was filmed all through out Europe, which means that Hunter had the luxury of being able to ride some of the most phenomenal street spots in the world, and he somehow managed to destroy just about every single one of them. Although it would have been amazing to see him roll away from a lot of those tricks that he fell on in the introduction to this video, there is still a laundry list full of remarkable freestyle scooter tricks featured through out the video. Hunter definitely has entirely his own thing going on when it comes to his scooter riding, and he also exhibits quite a bit of originality with the vast majority of the tricks that he performs in this video. It’s safe to say that he has definitely earned his spot on the Alpha-Omega team with this latest and greatest video part. Anyways, this video features some seriously groundbreaking scooter riding, so if you are unfamiliar with Hunter Bechtle and his radical approach to scooter riding than this video definitely has your name on it. As for all of you who are already well aware of what Hunter Bechtle is all about, this video is a must see, so be sure to check it out. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooters for more awesome freestyle scooter videos just like this one, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter industry news and content.


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