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Jon Devrind | G'looks

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Jon Devrind G’looks | Pro Scooters


Jon Devrind has been revolutionizing the way that people approach the concept of freestyle scooter riding for the last several years now. His absolutely remarkable technical ability is breaking down entirely new barriers with every single video that he releases. In fact, it’s almost safe to say that Jon’s technical wizardry is almost completely unmatched by any other scooter rider on the planet. His willingness to take creative risks with his riding is a large part of what has allowed him to innovate as much as he has in the past, and his most recently released video, entitled: “Jon DeVrind G’looks” is essentially him taking his scooter riding to an entirely new level, which I personally didn’t even think was possible at this point. However, after taking my first glance at this latest and greatest video part, it is very clear to tell that Jon is working hard to push himself and progress with his maneuvers, which at the end of the day is what freestyle scooter riding is all about. The vast majority of the very technical tricks and combinations that we have all seen him do in past videos, have been one-upped in the newest video. Whether he is adding in an extra spin, tail whip, or nose manual, he is pushing the boundaries of his riding, and it is definitely a beautiful sight to see.


Gangster hip-hop music, tall t-shirts, and some very intense ledge shredding is essentially what this guy is all about, and this most recent video does an excellent job of showcasing all of that. It has been quite astonishing having the luxury of watching Jon Devrind grow into the freestyle scooter rider that he is today because just a few short years ago his riding definitely didn’t stand out the way that it does today. However, through the natural process of just riding his scooter every single day, Jon has managed to find his own voice, and it is quite a unique one, if you ask me. I don’t know about all of you young shredders out there, but every time that I see brand new Jon Devrind footage, all I want is more by the time that I am finished watching his video. So with that being said, hopefully Jon already has another great video coming down the pipeline. As for now though, I highly recommend that each and every single one of you watch this video because it has some unbelievable freestyle scooter maneuvers scattered throughout it. I don’t think that I will ever recover from that nose manual to 540 out. That was an absolute jaw-dropper. Anyways, Jon clearly worked extremely hard on this particular video, so the least that we could do is give it a view or two. Don’t forget to stay tuned right here at the Pro Scooters blog for more sweet freestyle scooter videos just like this one, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter news, content, and updates.

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