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Park Vs. Street | Pro Scooters

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Park Vs. Street | Pro Scooters 

Before I dive into this extremely controversial topic of conversation, I would just like to preface this article by stating that I will be addressing this subject as objectively as I possible can. For those of you younger freestyle scooter riders out there, who may not be as familiar with some of the more cultured issues that occur within the sport of freestyle scooter riding, the park versus street debate has been going on for quite sometime now. I don’t think anyone is completely sure what particular situation the issue originally stemmed from, but regardless of wherever it came from, it is a topic that has been addressed time and time again ever since it genesis. Perhaps the most concerning aspect of this specific issue is the extremely damaging impact that it has on the entire sport of freestyle scooter riding, no matter who you are, or who you may think you are.

If we look at our beloved sport as an ecosystem comprised of both brands and riders alike than this particular problem would single handedly be our greatest threat. In fact, I can practically guarantee to each and every single one you that if this issue hasn’t in some way, shape, or form hindered some of our potential opportunities for growth in the past than it will surely do so sometime in the near future. In our sport’s current and very delicate state, we are at a point where a lot of doors could start to open up for us very soon. However, if outsiders begin to notice the great divide that we have been plagued with than I am afraid that the vast majority of those doors may be slammed shut in our faces.

With all of that being said, and on a much more positive note, a lot of the biggest names in the sport of freestyle scooter riding have chosen to do something about this great divide. The fine, young gentlemen over at the newly popular Undialed TV YouTube channel just recently released a very comical skit, addressing this widespread issue, which I honestly must say is a breath of fresh air to witness. A lot of riders in this sport tend to take themselves a little bit too seriously sometimes, so seeing something like this particular video, where some of the world’s most talented professional freestyle scooter riders set their pride aside and come together to shed some light on this very important issue brings me hope.

If you are a true fan of the sport of freestyle scooter riding and care about it’s future than I highly recommend watching this video and sharing it around with all of your scooter friends. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned right here at the Pro Scooters blog for more awesome freestyle scooter content just like this particular video, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter related news, content, and updates.

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