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Ryan Gould: Savage Glides | Pro Scooters

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Ryan Gould: Savage Glides | Pro Scooters 

Ryan Gould is one of the hardest working, and most passionate freestyle scooter riders in the entire sport of freestyle scooter riding right now. He is always out at a skate park or street spot, riding his scooter and has a good time in the process. On top of that, the dude always has an extremely positive mindset, which allows him to accomplish remarkable things both on and off the scooter. He is always pushing both himself, and the sport of freestyle scooter riding at large forward with his very progressive approach to the concept of freestyle scooter riding. He is one of those individuals who is always looking to innovate in some way, shape, or form, which is a large part of what sets him a part from the bunch. Ryan’s latest and greatest video part was just recently released for River Wheel Co., and the dude seemed to pull out all of the stops for this one. I always knew Ryan was a very talented young man, but this video is definitely on an entirely new level. Ryan released this video to promote his signature “Savage Glide” wheels, and I must say that he did a very good job at doing it. I don’t know about all of you, but this is definitely one of the most enjoyable freestyle scooter videos that I personally have seen in quite sometime. Everything from the music to the lifestyle footage to the riding itself is on point.

Ryan Gould is essentially the complete package, if you ask me. The dude has excellent style, an extremely wide variety of tricks that he can pull out of his bag whenever necessary, and most importantly, he is extremely motivated and hard working, which is why if you are going to support anyone by purchasing their signature products than you should support him. Ryan definitely understands what it takes to make a thoroughly enjoyable scooter video because this one is entertaining from start to finish. If you all don’t find yourselves entertained the entire way through than I suggest watching it a second time through because I am sure that it will change your minds. I personally loved seeing all of the fakie manual combinations, along with all of the ledge tricks. Ryan Gould has always known how to wreak havoc on a good ledge spot, and he certainly did so all through out this video. Anyways, I highly recommend that each and every single one of you young shredders out there check this video out and take some notes on how things are done properly. Be sure to support this phenomenal freestyle scooter rider by purchasing a pair of his River Wheel Co. Savage Glides today, and also be sure to stay tuned right here at the Pro Scooters blog for more awesome freestyle scooter videos such as this one, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter news, content, and updates.

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