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Tanner Fox | Pro Scooters

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Tanner Fox | Pro Scooters

For many of you true freestyle scooter fans out there, this gentleman needs no introduction. However, for those of you who may not have ever heard of him before, Tanner Fox is one remarkable, young individual. Tanner is a professional freestyle scooter rider, but he is also much more than just that. In fact, more recently he has been making a much bigger name for himself as a YouTube sensation more than anything else, but he is also quite the entrepreneur. Over the course of the last several months, Tanner’s personal YouTube channel has been gaining an unbelievable amount of momentum as he has gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a few short months. On top of that, the number of views that his videos have been receiving during that growth period has sky rocketed as well, which in turn, has significantly impacted his popularity as a professional scooter rider. Today, Tanner has a remarkable amount of Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and has even gained quite a bit of traction on twitter and many other social media platforms, which makes him one of the most influential scooter riders in the entire sport of freestyle scooter riding. However, that isn’t the thing that has grabbed our attention. The one aspect of Tanner Fox that has really left us completely mesmerized is the financial gains that he has been able to make from this growth.


It is definitely safe to say that Tanner has broken new ground for the entire world of freestyle scooter riding as he has shown what is possible with social media, and more specifically, YouTube. His constant flow of video blogs on his YouTube channel has amassed millions of views, which is far more than anyone had ever thought that freestyle scooter riding was capable of before hand. More importantly, his fairly substantial monthly income from YouTube is demonstrating that it is more than definitely possible to make a living doing this thing that we all love so much, which also explains why so many other top professional riders, including Ryan Williams and the Funk brothers, have jumped on the bandwagon after witnessing Tanner’s success. The dude is definitely a true entrepreneur and he is also bringing a lot of much needed, new exposure to our beloved sport, which is something that we all have to respect him for. As for Tanner’s future in the sport of freestyle scooter riding, and the world at large, he seems like he will have no problem figuring all of that out. His back-to-back qualifications for the International Scooter Association’s world championships are quite telling of the kind of talent that he possess on a scooter. Tanner definitely has a bright future ahead of him and he is certainly one individual that we will all want to keep an eye on, as we should all be taking a page out of his book. Be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooters for more rider profiles such as this one, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter related news and content.

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