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Warick Beynon AOSV4 Promo

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Warick Beynon is considered to be somewhat of a scooter phenomenon to the vast majority of the sport of freestyle scooter riding because although he is a social media monster, most people don’t ever really see any actual riding footage of the dude. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that he can’t hold it down with the very best of them. There is a reason he is one of the most popular scooter riders in the world, riding for one of the most popular freestyle scooter brands in the entire industry. In fact, it is almost safe to say that Warick Beynon has become one of the select few faces of Envy Scooters, which has only gained him even more notoriety through out the scooter community. Envy Scooters celebrates a lot of their team riders with a good many different signature products, but the latest and greatest of these products is Warick’s AOSV4 signature deck, which explains the reasoning behind the release of his phenomenal promotional video. This video is jam packed with tons of absolutely gorgeous lifestyle footage, along with enough bangers featured through out the extent of the video to satisfy his very wide range of audience members. On top of that, the production value of this project is nothing short of spectacular. It seems as though there are multiple angles of practically every single trick that Warick rolls away from, which significantly contributes to the overall value of the video.

Warick, also known as “Wazzeh”, is best known as one of the more street oriented riders on the Envy Scooters regime, which essentially allows him to stand out like a soar thumb due to the astronomically long list of skate park sharks that are featured on the team. Warick’s creative abilities definitely play a crucial role in his riding, and this most recent video part is an excellent showcasing of that statement. Warick is very talented when it comes to taking a simple obstacle, and doing something very unique and diverse with it. He is also one hell of a rail shredder, which most of the public eye was probably unaware of before the release of this video. However, now that Warick’s full AOSV4 promo has been released, there will certainly be no more questioning what he is capable of achieving on his scooter. A big congratulations and round of applause to Warick for finally receiving his long over due and well deserved Envy Scooters signature AOSV4 deck. This video features far too many amazing rail tricks to count them all, but it is definitely well worth a watch to see them all first hand. The backside lip slide on the 14-stair handrail towards the end of the video was simply beautiful. Be sure to support this phenomenal rider by purchasing his signature deck as soon as possible. Also, be sure to stay tuned right here at Pro Scooters for more excellent scooter videos such as this one, along with any and all other future freestyle scooter industry news and content.


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